Forthcoming events

10 September 2018

Simon Cooper will be presenting a paper on insurtech and the use of new technology in the insurance industry at the 14th International Shipping & Trade Law Colloquium at the University of Swansea.

Previous events

23 May 2018

Carrie Radford spoke on Understanding Charterer’s Legal Liability Policies at the Lloyds Maritime Academy, Marine Insurance Seminar.

14-15 May 2018 – MSK Conference (Cologne)

On May 15, Marie Holzhauer delivered a presentation ‘Liability and coverage for autonomous driving’ at a conference held by MSK (Meyerthole Siems und Kohlruss Gesellschaft für aktuarielle Beratung) in Cologne.

12 May 2018

On 12 May, Hong Kong partner Kelvin Lee spoke on ‘English Insurance Law Reform’ at a seminar organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers and The University of Hong Kong.

5 May 2018

On 5 May, Hong Kong partner Rosita Lau spoke on ‘Functions and Legal Implications of Different Types of Trading Documents ’ at a seminar organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers and The University of Hong Kong.

1 May 2018

We held our half-yearly insurance seminar. Members of Ince & Co’s Insurance & Reinsurance Business Group will be discussing:

  • SCAP – what you need to know by the people who helped draft this ground breaking agreement;
  • What’s new in the courts? An update on the most recent insurance cases including: fraud, policy interpretation, the latest on foreseeability and the extent of professional duties;
  • Predictions for the future – court decisions awaited; Brexit and regulatory change.

If you are interesting in attending, please contact

24 March 2018

On 24 March, Hong Kong partner Kelvin Lee spoke on ‘Principles of Marine Insurance’ at a seminar organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers and The University of Hong Kong.

22-23 March 2018

Simon Cooper was a member of the Organising Committee for the IBA’s Insurance Seminar in London.

19 March 2018

Simon Cooper spoke at the BILA Lecture on ‘Single Claims Agreement Party (SCAP)’ between 9am-10am at The Old Library, Lloyd’s, One Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HA.

7 December 2017

Justin Whelan delivered a presentation ‘Cyber Security’ to Keuhne + Nagel, Dubai.

5 December 2017

Ince/Control Risks/Mexican Chamber of Commerce – Organised by Dora Costa on behalf of Ibero-American Group: Focus was on mitigating business/legal risks in Mexico. Simon Cooper was one of the speakers. He spoke about cyber security.

5 December 2017

Justin Whelan attended Hawkins Technical Presentation, Dubai.

29 November 2017

Jérôme de Sentenac and Marie-Noëlle Raynaud attended AON’s cocktail on insurance and reinsurance.

23 November 2017

Richard Hugg spoke at the 7th İnternational annual conference “Marine insurance in Russia 2017” in Moscow on fraudulent claims, sinkings, and war risk issues.

21 November 2017

Justin Whelan attended ‘Lloyds Middle East meets the Market’, Dubai.

15-18 November 2017

Between 15 and 18 November, Mathieu Croix, Aymeric de Taipol, Patrick Evrard and Marie-Noëlle Raynaud were in New York, visiting commercial contacts. Patrick and Marie-Noëlle Raynaud attended American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU) dinner on Thursday, November 16.

16 November 2017 – Ince & Co Insurance Seminar

Simon Cooper attended the IUA Wordings subcommittee meeting.

16 November 2017

Justin Whelan delivered a presentation ‘Cyber Security from a Marine Perspective’ to Inmarest, Dubai.

15 November 2017 – Ince Compliance roundtable

Simon Cooper participated in the Ince Compliance Roundtable event to talk about cyber security.

9 November 2017

Jérôme de Sentenac, Patrick Evrard and Mathieu Croix attended AMLIN’s annual cocktails.

9 November 2017

Simon Cooper attended a panel discussion entitled Practical Perspective on Cyber Security in the Marine Sector organised by the Marshall Islands Registry.

2 November 2017

Simon Cooper participated in a Panel discussion at Seminar on (Re)Insurance Claims in Latin America.

2 November 2017 – ARIAS US Fall Conference

On 2-3 November, Peter Rogan and Kiran Soar attended the ARIAS US 2017 Fall Conference and Annual Meeting in New York. ARIAS US (the AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society) is a trade association dedicated to improving the insurance and reinsurance arbitration for the US and international markets. The programme for this year’s conference included sessions on captive reinsurance disputes and Bermuda Form arbitrations. In addition to attending the formal sessions, Peter and Kiran caught up with clients and contacts.

31 October 2017

Between 31 October – 10 November 2017 Dora Costa will be travelling to Chile (Santiago/Valparaiso) and Miami/Fort Lauderdale (Boat Show). There she will meet industry contacts including insurance practitioners and clients.

31 October 2017 – Ince & Co Insurance Seminar

On 31 October, we will be holding the latest of our bi-annual insurance seminars for the London Market, at our offices in Aldgate Tower, followed by drinks. Members of Ince & Co’s Insurance Business Group will be discussing the latest cases and legal developments affecting the insurance and reinsurance markets. More details to follow! If you are interested in attending, please contact

18 October 2017 – Asia Pacific Insurance Conference and ARIAS Seminar

Simon Cooper attended the Asia Pacific Insurance Conference and the ARIAS Seminar in Singapore, where he presented on the topic of ‘Aggregation of Cyber Claims’.

9 October 2017 – Lunchtime Lecture: The TT Club and Ports and Terminal Risks

Lorna Gunn attended a talk given by David Lumby, Director of Underwriting at the TT Club. David spoke about how a mutual insurer like the TT Club differs from general insurance companies. He also discussed the history of the Club (celebrating 50 years next year) and the different types of risks associated with insuring ports and terminals worldwide.

3 October 2017 – QSB

Simon Cooper presented on cyber security issues in the maritime sector at our Quarterly Shipping Briefing. If you are interested in attending, please contact

28 September 2017 – The Canning Conference 2017

Dora Costa attended an event hosted by Canning House called “The Canning Conference 2017: Doing Business in Latin America – Does Brexit matter?”

28 September 2017 – Falconbury Advance Reinsurance contract Wording seminar

Simon Cooper spoke on the Insurance Act at the Falconbury Advance Reinsurance contract Wording seminar.

21 September 2017 – International Maritime Law Seminar

Dora Costa attended the International Maritime Law Seminar 2017 at Gibson Hall in London.  Topics covered included marine insurance matters.

10 September 2017 – Annual Insurance and Reinsurance ‘Rendez-Vous’, Monte Carlo

From 10-13 September, members of Ince’s Insurance Team attended the annual Insurance and Reinsurance ‘Rendez-Vous’ in Monte Carlo. This is a leading industry event and always provides an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

4-5 September 2017 – Swansea University Colloquium on Marine Liability

Simon Cooper talked about cyber liability and Insurance solutions at the Swansea University Colloquium on Marine Liability.

20 August 2017

From 20 August through to 2 September, Mehmet Achik-El co-led the Under 35s Reinsurance Group’s annual Educational Trip. This year’s Trip will be visiting Finland, Denmark, Dubai and South Africa and will offer an opportunity to meet and share experiences with fellow practitioners from companies and organisations of regional, national and global importance in the market place.

21 July 2017 – BILA lecture: ‘Arbitrating Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes – Transparent and Impartial?’

On 21 July Kate Buttrey attended a BILA lecture on ‘Arbitrating Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes: Transparent and Impartial?’

3-5 July 2017

From 3-5 July, Ben Ogden and Chris Crane attended the Professional Indemnity Forum Conference in Cambridge. This is a key event in the PI calendar and was attended by a wide range of people involved in the professional indemnity insurance market, including underwriters, claims managers, risk managers, brokers and lawyers. Ben spoke on ‘Insurance Brokers: Still the Whipping Boys’.

4 July 2017

On 4 July Simon Cooper attended the launch event for the new London Business and Property Courts at the Rolls Building. The Business and Property Courts will be the new name for England and Wales’ international dispute resolution jurisdictions and will act as a single umbrella for business specialist courts across England and Wales. It will encompass the specialist courts and lists of the High Court: the Commercial Court (including the Admiralty Court and Mercantile Court), the Technology and Construction Court and the courts of the Chancery Division (including those dealing with financial services, intellectual property, competition and insolvency).

21 June 2017

On 21 June, Mehmet Achik-El, Lorraine Fernandes and Clare Birchenhough attended a lecture organised by the U35s Reinsurance Group on “Lessons from the Past”. The speaker was Tom Bolt of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance.

19 June 2017 – BILA’s Symposium: ‘Brexit and Insurance’

On 19 June Jennifer Donohue, Philippe Ruttley, Franco d’Andrea and James Foley attended BILA’s Symposium on ‘Brexit and Insurance’. The presentations and panel discussion covered such taxing questions as:

  • To what extent will the Solvency II regime continue in practice to inform the prudential regulation and supervision of insurers in the UK, or the new Insurance Distribution Directive on the marketing and sale of insurance products?
  • What practical steps are UK insurers (or their group parents) planning or already taking to adjust to changing legal frameworks after Brexit?

16 June 2017 – BILA lecture: ‘Modernisation of the London Insurance Market – Harnessing Electronic Communications in Support of Placement’

On 16 June Simon Cooper attended a BILA lecture on ‘Modernisation of the London Insurance Market: Harnessing Electronic Communications in Support of Placement’. Simon has been working with Lloyd’s on the latest version of the Placing Platform Limited (PPL), which has the potential to be a significant step forward in the market’s use of electronic communications to support and facilitate the placement process.

15 June 2017 – AGM: Group of International Insurance Centre Supervisors (GIICS)

On 15 June, Jennifer Donohue addressed the Group of International Insurance Centre Supervisors (GIICS) at their AGM. Jennifer spoke on “George and the Giant Peach…….the development of the United Kingdom market in Insurance Linked Securities.” In the 2015 budget, George Osborne announced that the United Kingdom would introduce legislation to support the development of the Insurance Linked Securities market. Since this time primary legislation has passed through Parliament, secondary legislation has been drafted and this prospect has now started to take final shape. Jennifer’s presentation gave some background and insight into the UK developments over the time since 2015. It explored the application of the proposed ILS legislation to risk including its potential to encompass new risks including longevity risk.

13 June 2017 

While little is known about what form Brexit will eventually take, prudent insurers are already evaluating their options. On 13 June, Ince & Co hosted an event at which representatives from The Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the City of Cologne and several partners from the Cologne insurance industry provided information on Cologne as an insurance hub and on legal issues regarding regulations, employment and taxation in Germany.

9 June 2017 

On 9 June, Mehmet Achik-El attended an IRLA breakfast briefing on “Learning to live with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – it’s here to stay!”. The GDPR is scheduled to come into force on 25 May 2018 and will introduce reforms to existing data protection legislation.

9 June 2017 – ARIAS (UK) Annual Conference

On 9 June Kiran Soar and Christopher Crane attended ARIAS (UK)’s Annual Conference. The main focus of the conference was to consider whether there should be any, and if so, what changes to ARIAS Rules with regard to maintaining confidentiality in arbitration proceedings and the possible publication of awards in some form or other.

7-8 June 2017 – IntAP Technical Meeting, Munich

On 7-8 June Kiran Soar attended IntAP’s (The International Alliance of Asbestos & Pollution Reinsurers) Technical Meeting in Munich.

7 June 2017 – Royal Aeronautical Society conference on Digital Connectivity and Cyber Security

Simon Cooper spoke on ‘Cyber security: Regulations and Insurance Solutions’ at the Royal Aeronautical Society conference on Digital Connectivity and Cyber Security.

7 June 2017

On 7 June, Mehmet Achik-El, Lorraine Fernandes, Jenny Kleiser, Chris Crane and Sam Batchelor attended a lecture organised by the U35s Reinsurance Group on “Me Versus the Robot: What Insurtech Means for a 30 year old in the London Insurance Market”. The speaker was Paolo Cuomo of BCG.

7 June 2017 – The Insurance Insider’s InsiderTech conference

On 7 June Jennifer Donohue and Johanna Ewen attended The Insurance Insider’s InsiderTech conference. Insurtech – the use of technology innovations to increase market efficiency – is a hot topic at the moment and among the topics for discussion was blockchain, managing start-ups, the future of digital distribution and Big Data.

1 June 2017 – Ince & Co Treasure Hunt

On 1 June, Christopher Crane and other junior members of Ince’s Insurance Team hosted a Treasure Hunt for their peers in the market. The event provided the opportunity to learn a little about the Enterprise Act 2016 in a fun setting!

Ince reception sign25 May 2017 – Cyber Seminar

On 25 May Ince & Co and Navigant co-hosted a seminar on cyber security. It is estimated that the global cost of cybercrime will rise annually to £2.45 trillion by 2021, and the UK government has reported that approximately two-thirds of large UK businesses have been hit by a cyber-breach or attack in the last year alone. With the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will come into effect in May 2018, the issue of cyber security will become even more pressing. We discussed the issues involved and the risks faced by businesses.

18 May 2017 – Reinsurance Contract Wordings Disputes Seminar

On 18 May partners Simon Cooper and Ben Ogden spoke at the Falconbury Reinsurance Contract Wordings Disputes Seminar in London. They covered the important issues which need to be considered at the contract negotiation and drafting phase.

11 May 2017 – London Market Seminar

On Thursday 11 May Ince & Co’s Insurance Group hosted its Half Yearly Insurance & Reinsurance Law seminar at its offices in Aldgate Tower.

The seminar included an update on all the recent legal developments affecting the insurance and reinsurance markets. Read a report from the seminar here.

26 April 2017 – Falconbury Advanced Reinsurance Contract Wordings Seminar

On 26 April, Managing Associate Jennifer Kleiser spoke at the Falconbury Advanced Reinsurance Contracts Wordings seminar in London.

10 April 2017 – Cyber Risk Presentation

On 10 April, partner Simon Cooper spoke on cyber risk at the DIFC Insurance Association seminar in Dubai.

6-9 April 2017 – IPBA Conference

Partner Simon Cooper moderated a session on insurance dispute resolution at the IPBA 2017 conference in Auckland, which took place from 6-9 April 2017. The theme of the conference was “Connectivity and Convergence”.

‘Challenges for the Insurance Industry’
30–31 March 2017, The Millennium Hotel Mayfair, London

On March 31, Dr Stefan Segger, Ince & Co partner in the Cologne office, discussed the review of cyber liability insurance at the at IBA Insurance Committee Conference in London. More information here.

14 March 2017 – SZ-Reinsurance Day

On 14 March, partners Kiran Soar and Eva-Maria Georgen spoke at the SZ-Reinsurance Day in Munich. Among other things, they covered the implications of Brexit for the insurance and reinsurance industry.

14 March 2017 – Delegated Authorities Seminar

On 14 March, Associate Sam Batchelor spoke at a seminar jointly hosted by Mazars and Ince & Co on the topic of “Delegated Authorities”. Sam talked about accessing the insurance market without passporting rights. He also discussed the possible implications of losing passporting rights and what different firms in the market should be thinking about.

28 February 2017 – Reinsurance Webinar

On 28 February, partner Simon Cooper co-presented a LexisNexis webinar on “Common Issues in Reinsurance”. Simon covered:

  • The aggregation of claims;
  • Why it is important to have clear choice of law and jurisdiction clauses in your insurance/reinsurance contract; and
  • Cyber issues for reinsurers.

7 February 2017 – Contingency Seminar

On 7 February Ince & Co hosted a contingency seminar on the topic of “Anxiety & Stress? Understanding the Invisible”, together with The London General Practice Group.

Dr Paul Ettlinger and Dr Angela Rai looked at:

  • When anxiety and stress are capable of becoming medical conditions;
  • How lifestyle demands may contribute to such conditions; and
  • What underwriters and brokers can do to understand the exposure.